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    The book briefly describes the business, reveals where to find the right customers, highlights the essential requirements, guides you through the execution of your business plan and envisions the great potentials of each idea

  • The 8 Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship 

    Learn and master the 8 secrets and you are guaranteed not only to succeed as a business owner but also to grow wealth really fast

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    Will reveal to you the secret of creating a sophisticated website and a world-class full corporate identity for less than $100!

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Learn how to start and run your entire business out of your mobile phone or tablet PC.  Waste your time playing games or downloading useless apps on your device or use it to build a future empire

Sometimes it’s easy for men or women of great success to cloud your sight. Seeing what they’ve done can easily excite you to a point where compatibility flies out the window along with common sense. The right idea brings everything you need; the wrong one brings a stubborn attitude, neglect, and a frustrating flippancy toward the very thing you love, which just may make you do the same. After all, if they don’t believe in it or share your vision, what’s going to keep you from getting discouraged and throwing in the towel?

This shouldn’t happen to you! You have put in too many hours and invested too much of your effort and funds for the wrong or expensive IDEA to treat your business like it’s worth nothing. And this is why we have created this eBook that helps you find the idea that matches your vision and wallet. With this amazing eBook, you can start learning how to implement your ideas step by step.

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A word from the Author

My company specializes in helping young entrepreneurs better manage their limited resources and run their business concerns efficiently and successfully.  I was inspired to write this book to respond to a statement I hear quite often: "I can't start a business as I don't have a deep pocket".  My answer would always be: "You don't even need a pocket to start a business! 

Marcelino Lopez and his family were living in a plastic tent in Barrio Nelson Mandela, Colombia, with $300 to his name.  Driven to a refugee camp by guerrilla violence, Lopez turned to a micorfinance agency in his country called Fundación Mario Santo Domingo for a $95 loan and opened a small convenience store.  A year later, Lopez had moved his family into a concrete home where he ran the most successful butcher shop in the barrio.

Joyce Wafukho used her small savings to open a hardware store in 1994. But with insufficient capital, she was able to sell only a few items. After five years of being turned down by lenders, she approached the Kenya Women Finance Trust for a $680 loan. Today, after five more loans from KWFT, Wafukho employs 25 Africans full-time in her business, which now also includes contracting and selling lumber. The business has assets of $27,000 and Wafukho is able to pay for not only her children’s health and education, but for her sister to go to college 

Bodour Al-Jayousi has had a difficult life. When her parents divorced she was forced to drop out of school at age 15 and help her father sell jewelry. The business took off after two loans from the Microfund For Women, but after a disagreement with her father she had to abandon the business. A third loan from MFW helped her buy the hair salon where she had found work but had earned just $350 per month. Today she employs up to 12 people and provides for her sister who is disabled.

You may come across several other similar stories of people who made it big with little funding.  It's really up to you to make a decision and start a business or be nice to your boss hoping she will recommend you for the 20% pay raise you have always hoped for.

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